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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Game Changer Awards: vote for your favorite accounting technology

At Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), we believe that success in business relies heavily on developing efficient business processes. Successful organizations are continually seeking better accounting software, and finance professionals are always striving to keep up with the latest solutions in the marketplace. To assist members of the finance and management community with finding the latest, greatest, and truly game-changing apps – IOFM is pleased to announce the first annual Game Changer Awards of 2017.

This new award program recognizes the top 5 companies with solutions that provide value to our profession. The Game Changer Awards showcase companies that provide the most productive and effective technologies and meet the highest standards of design, ease-of-use, and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

At the link below, you'll find our list of 44 finalists. Is your favorite software solution among them? Let us know who you think is at the top by voting today:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

R.O.W.E. (Results Only Work Environment)

Time Waits for No One - by Keshida Layone (
Why does everyone work an 8 hour day in the United States? Is it really the case that a doctor, a plumber, an office worker, and a truck driver all require exactly 8 hours to do their work? There is another way.

Using results only work environment or Rowe for short, employees are paid for their actual work done instead of the number of hours that they are at their work location. I remember in my first job out of high school waiting alongside the rest of my department next to the punch clock 15 minutes before it was 5 o'clock. The last 15 to 30 minutes of that day was completely unproductive about the company and for its employees since everyone was just waiting around for the clock to say 5 p.m. so we can all go home. Thinking back now it was such a silly waste of time.

Instead of work being based on time, a much more efficient strategy is work based on tasks and goals that need to be accomplished.

I found this great Youtube interview of one of the creators of the ROWE, Jody Thompson:

Do you know of someone who works in a ROWE?
Would a ROWE be a good idea for your company?