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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What sets FileBound apart from other A/P services?

One of the biggest question on everyone's lips at the IOFM Accounts Payable Conference in Las Vegas this October was: What's the difference between all these automation companies? I met with 12 companies regarding their automation products and I want to share with you what I discovered.

So in my first article in of the series, I interviewed FileBound and asked, "What sets you apart from other A/P Automation Services?" 

What sets FileBound apart from other A/P services?

* An AP-specific version of FileBound is available and it can be easily adjusted to automate the structure and workflow for your specific AP practices. This allows for rapid implementation with fewer professional services.

* Cloud-based option reduces capital expense, provides the ability to quickly scale your solution to meet your needs and reduces impact on IT (the software can be deployed on premises).

* Data extraction from invoices and other documents is available as a component of FileBound, so there is no need to acquire, configure, train on and access multiple products. This supports straight-through processing from a single interface.

* Sophisticated mobile capabilities, including mobile capture, secure mobile access to documents and workflows (allowing users to not only see documents, but approve invoices, etc.) and the ability to truly leverage the touch capabilities of mobile devices.

* Document management, capture and workflow capabilities that can address multiple needs with Finance and Accounting and across the enterprise, allowing shared costs and maximum return on investment.

* Provides analytics needed to monitor and report on AP activities.

Is FileBound an American company?

FileBound is a very American company. It was founded in Lincoln, NE, where most of the specific FileBound operations remain. Earlier this year, FileBound became a member of the Upland family of enterprise work management solutions. Upland is based in Austin, TX.

How many clients do you have in North America? and Abroad?
More than 3,000 total.

How long has FileBound been in business?
Since 2001

Is there a particular ERP system that works best with your product?
FileBound is designed for easy integration with virtually any ERP system, giving our customers the flexibility they need. However, we do have some packaged integrations products such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Do you offer outsourcing/Offshoring services of any kind?
FileBound does not directly offer outsourcing/offshoring services (other than subscription-based functionality and professional services). However, FileBound’s extensive certified partner channel can offer these services. Many of our partners specialize in AP or specific verticals, and a number operate outsourced service organizations.

Is access to a "supplier network" part of your services?
Yes, FileBound has an extensive network of partners who can provide consultation, implementation, integration, support and other professional services. These solution providers must meet criteria for training and service delivery in order to represent FileBound products.

For more information on FileBound vist:

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