Sunday, July 20, 2014

IRS TIN Matching

Why you want to check TIN numbers on the IRS website?

You can check your W9 forms to make sure the SS# and EIN#'s match the name on the form. This will ensure you have acurate information, reduce the chance for fraud, and eliminate the possibility of getting a B notice from the IRS.

Here are some comments from APPG members:

● "Lets you find out immediately if the EIN and Name are valid. I scan the W-9 and the TIN confirmation page for backup."

● "It really is a best practice, and everyone should be TIN-Matching in today's AP environment."

● "We get audited all the time so we use it to verify the information listed on a required 2013 w9! This is so our penalties and 1099's are correct! By implementing this practice we have updated our file with correct Tax status and saved thousands in fines!"

● "TIN Match=No B Notices. TIN Match is a must; all vendor accounts are supported by a Form W-9 and a TIN match '0' result."

How do we get started?

1. Visit IRS's e-Services website
2. Register as a user here

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