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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dynamic Discounting

Definition: payment terms that can be established between your company and your vendor to accelerate payment in return for a discount. Dynamic Discounting includes the ability to agree upon terms that vary the discount according to the date of early payment. The earlier the payment, the greater the discount.

Who offers this: Taulia, TradeShift, Commerce Bank, and more.

* Automating Discount Capture on 100% of invoices
* When invoice is approved the supplier is notified and can opt to be paid early
* Supplier gets fast inexpensive access to cash
* And your company gets outstanding returns
* Improves profitability
* and strengthens supplier relationships along the way.

Here are a few videos I found:

Robert Ruhno
Founder & Social Media Manager
Accounts Payable Professionals Group

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