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Monday, April 25, 2016

That invoice is how old???

© 2016 Zafiro Hernandez
Have you ever had a call from a vendor asking for payment on a one-year-old invoice? You think to yourself, "who would wait a year before contacting you anyway" SMH! Well, Here are a few reasons that I have come across over the years.

* Invoice is missing contact information.
* The vendor is not sending the W9 form.
* Invoices are not sent to AP, there are being sent to the purchaser (and never made it to AP).

I want to hear from you! Have you heard of this happening before? What is your story (or the story you heard)?

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  1. "The account has been behind since we took over that store." By the way, they are in a different part of the country, did not send us their W-9, nor the old invoices until requested. I've also heard "We've been mailing the invoices and statements" to an address we no longer occupy and haven't for over 2 years. Or, "All of the invoices and statements were returned in the mail. We just decided to give you a call." Really?????