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Friday, July 29, 2016

What is the strangest thing you've seen on an expense report?

I've worked in A/P for a long time and have seen some weird things, especially in employee expense reports! Two such weird expenses come to mind:
* On an expense report, an employee tried to get reimbursed for a pair of $200 pants purchased at Macy's in NYC. In the description, they wrote that they ripped their pants while getting out of a taxi, right before a client meeting.

* I was reviewing an expense report when I noticed two airline seats for the one employee. When I investigated to find out why, it turned out that the employee did not fit in one seat, and the airline charged for the addition seat! Awkward.

Well according to Robert Half Management Resource these are the 20 unusual expense report items highlighted in their survey of 2,200 CFO's:

1. Ski trips
2. Lottery tickets
3. Rental homes
4. Spa day
5. Cruise
6. Cosmetic surgery
7. Scuba diving
8. Half a cow
9. Flowers for spouse
10. A dog
11. Taxidermy services
12. 10-cent parking meter charge
13. Toilet paper
14. Bubble bath
15. Somebody else's salary
16. Flat-screen TV
17. Haircut
18. Home remodel
19. Driving lessons
20. Car payment

What is the strangest thing you or your coworkers have seen on an expense report? Working in A/P we see mountains of expenses, so there must be some really odd and funny stories out there!

Robert Ruhno
Director of Social Media
Accounts Payable Professionals Group (APPG)

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