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Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy AP Appreciation Week!

The week of October 10th thru the 14th has been declared as AP Appreciation Week. So thank you for all the hard work you do! I know first hand that AP is more than, "just paying the bills". Sometimes it is like you are taking on several roles at the same time: accountant, police, economist, politician, teacher, and occasionally mental health therapist! lol.

Happy AP Appreciation Week!

During AP Appreciation Week, our friends at IOFM and the AP & P2P Network will treat one hardworking AP & P2P team each day by awarding their team a $200 gift card to go out to lunch. Submissions will be accepted until October 13th, 2016 (noon EST). Those who wish to recognize their own team or any Accounts Payable or Procure-to-Pay team who they believe goes above and beyond can submit entries on the AP & P2P Network website:

Robert Ruhno
Director of Socia Media
Accounts Payable Professionals Group (APPG)

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