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Monday, May 11, 2020

Getting it Done, Even at Home

Accounts Payable Professionals group is free to join and is welcoming new members. Our members make up a vibrant online community that helps each other regularly with all kinds of technical questions regarding accounts payable and the various technologies that go with it. We encourage networking between members and work hard to minimize "spammy" discussion posts.

We are all working from home now, due to the Covid19 pandemic, but the way we work going forward is going to change dramatically. Many of us are proving that we can successfully get as much work done from home, as we did at the office. No doubt this proof of concept will open up the opportunity to continue working our digital jobs from home. Imagine all the time saved from not commuting (not to mention fewer CO2 added to the air). There are a lot of details that will have to be figured out.

I would like to open up the discussion on the subject of, "How do you see Accounts Payable after the quarantine?"

Interested in joining? We are available on:

Robert Ruhno
Director of Social Media
Accounts Payable Professionals Group (APPG)

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