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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

APPG - Accounts Payable 360 Weekly recap - 9/25/2018

Hello everybody! This is Robert Ruhno at Accounts Payable Professionals Group. Today is Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 and welcome to Accounts Payable 360. The weekly recap for the Accounts Payable Professionals Group.

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Weekly Recap

So I went through the posts this week and found the following discussions that are not commercials:

1) The First one is a question from Linda Yeager who says, "Hi, I am looking for audit recommendations for handling vendors on the OFAC terrorist watch list. I'm interested in learning how other companies are handling or auditing these vendors, before adding them to their vendor master file. Does any vetting responsibility lie with procurement, accounts payable or both? Thank you.

Any business large or small needs to make the effort to ensure that they are not doing business with restricted individuals or entities. If you are making payments, you need to have a compliance program. Accounts Payable departments should definitely have some responsibility for vetting vendors for OFAC. For more information, you can check out our OFAC article

How does your company handle OFAC? Please let us know in the comments!

2) Our next question comes from Scott P. who asks, "Does anyone have any recommendations for online accounts payable courses? Something along the line of https://www.linkedin.comlearning/topics/accounting-skills just something that will take a couple of hours. Free is preferable, but not necessary.

If you are new to Accounts Payable and want to up your game, you need to connect to our AP community online. Join the Accounts Payable Professionals group and interact with your peers, read discussion posts, and sign up for webinars (many are free). Another great way is to get your company to pay for your AP Certification and attend AP Conferences and keep up-to-date on current AP issues and technology.

What are your favorite places to learn accounting topics online? Please share the links in the comments!

3) The last one, is actually from many messages that I get all asking the same question: Can I help them find a job in Accounts Payable? So in response to this, I will be creating an accounts payable job board. I will get back to you all once it is completed. For now, anyone looking to fill an accounts payable position, I invite you to post in the comments below and post in our discussion boards.

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Thank you very much for hanging in there to the end of our video, again this is Robert Ruhno at Accounts Payable Professionals Group. I would love to hear from you, whether by comment or feel free to message me.


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